Automation in the feed industry a hot topic

Automation in feed mills worldwide is all about efficiency and energy savings. This was explained by Eric Cissen and Appie Boorsma from Actemium.

Over the last few decades feed mills have become more automised. Feed mills reduced their number of process operators by half or even more. “The feed industry is all about optimisation. This can be done by small nuances in the automation process.
At the same time, more data is becoming available. We try to find solutions for these feed mills, so that the operators can easily interpret the information that is gathered”, explained Cissen.
Actemium has a global presence but sees many opportunities in Asia. “There is still a lot of work done manually in Chinese feed mills for example. There is huge potential there. Our work in these regions is part the result of Western feed companies buying Asian feed mills. The next step is to make these mills compatible with the Western standards. That is why we have companies all over the world, so we can act locally to implement our products and to deliver the service needed.
Cissen thinks that in the future around 30-40% of their business in feed automation will be done in this region. “Work in Western Europe wil still be needed, because automation requires service”. He also sees that new automation solutions and bigger feed companies require skilled people. “It is hard to find good process operators. It is important to make young (technically schooled students) enthusiastic about working in the feed mill. That is why we also invite many students and schools to visit our business”.
Actemium (part of Vinci Energies) is a network of 300 Business Units. These companies are located in 35 countries across the world, most closely with our clients. Feed mills such as Cargill, ForFarmers and De Heus are clients.
by Emmy Koeleman

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